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jojt u (he union nnnounec- -eil wl Ui rciipect lo EMitru 0S P*" Amerlenn wm slvrti Jo unmen. .battled epondlcally Ix Um houri ouialde a meellnit bl on Wed QCflday ni Rtil, Ti^v Uoie Uiv cock Ul U were toucd bui a no duna RC. e Te_lt_lo _ be antl-busliiess Is a tremendous psychological factor. Dutlni the melee, a dulamy tttneu of Cajtro vaa traint— The huute hraded In final ihnwd Dwn on Trcildent Kcnnrdy'i bl[ farm ronlrot hill today after rotlni to pay c»h lubildlrn r;iniln K up to aboul i eenta a quart to fanners who *olunlarll)' reduced inilh pro- duetlun. June 21 m — lloime Democriitic leaders hope to push tbrou;rh the administration'H coii' farm bill late today by the inartriti of a few vo Iqu. The ex Uteoce of this spread belief Is undoubtedly the' thing that triggered the itoclc market plunge. Most ot tlie lauea ju cft Oio In httvy tradlnir ]-f duriiis the midday period 'l,iry iif Sl;iie Dc;in Rusk Komi S-rin:! -Burley.- - - Goodinj T Memorial Admitted aienna Brown. CARD SENSE Double 3 ♦ Douoia Paii 3 V Ff W Fan a* to l U* m W* TODATB QIMW"' aowl « Fresh Frozen IGA CHERRY OR APPLE PIES 3^89- 25 ibs_ 155 [FLOUR JUMBO CALIFORNIA SHELBY'S t AR6E7- PLA I N ALL FLAVORS j VET'S Shasta Pop 12 cans 1.00[DOG_FOOD 13 cans 1.00 ZEE TOILET _ ] IGA TALL CANS TISSUE . The , trnnaler apparently will be carried out by tacit agreement ri. h Vik ;aihc red Wall niililling liurliii today and call ed it "an affront to human iliirnily. Gooding, andi Oeorg* Flelchner, wcndei L DUraliaed Halm Paulsen. WWMTl-Ihe Drltl»h"crown e01ony and Ui B nitionallat Chineu sov- emmeni. Choice Beef Roast Rye Bread Skylark Now Formula 19ll7-ed I Ihe executive rommlttce of the committee. IT the class member whose lllncsa brought about the Ecneros Ky ot hli clnss- Ite shook hands also w Kh other cla.u' mcmbera and promised to sl Rn diplomas and Other Itemi '-it you H leave them at (he White House, and I'll send them to your hotel." Tho rlslt with Kennedy cli- maxed nn hour-loni guided (our of tho ■White House, to which the atudenti hid looked forward eagerly. The h Jithest reported wa* P7 at Va Ja In Orefon and K at Wendell In Idaho. Utah, waa elected president today ot the National Editorial association, an organization ot 7.000 weekly and small dally WASIITNOTON. action followed a request by senate Republican leader E\-erelt M. He snld merchants had adopted a plan recommended by the food dealers and law enforcement of- ficers at Boise. Joe Broylfs has been hired to ik-frln conntnicllon of the food storase room on the Lincoln Mliool bulldln T, A call for bids will be issued for fuel oil and coal supply for the school year. June 21— A cnr stolen from Babe Marks used car lot on Overland street here Tuesday nlnht was re- c Mcred half an hour later on the railroad tracks, but the driver left the auto and ran. This will be Ibe lint public ippearance at the teams In ihli area. r.i».«a a OH Silor Sm UK sthtnir Indt i»% Wi Pnn, Ilobk 41% T( ehtit on tvi Sot Uohll *Th So. space at five times the speed of sound anrpas,ted the prevfouj al- titude mark ot 4IJ.7 miles or 700 feet, set by (est pilot Joe Walker In- the bullet-shaped X15 less than two months ago. low tonight French offl dali which reportedly convinced htm that De Oaulle -wl U put France'i future nuclear itr Ung force at the d Uposal of the West' n alliance's defense p Uiu. Rusk win ny to Bonn-for- talks -wltb -Wcit Otr- man- leader*.— A— government: spokesman said that In prepar' atory talks Chancellor Komadi"}"' " P-^p^T^. AORICULTURAL SUMMARY Afrleall Drs I acll Tl Ucs f Dr the week ending June IS shnwtd grow- Ing weather Imprnred over the past weeks, bat was illll loo cool for bett grow IJi el mm wither erop*. The lows this momlnn ranged from the middle 40's In south- east Idaho to the lower SOVi In the Malheur valley. The wes Uier'will con tinue In thc'same general patlern for at least the next two' or three days. June 3] m— The senate foreign relations com- iltlee voted today to ask Walt t. Dlrksen, It U for-~Hie-eomml Hee— to-4(»k— Into the document. The latter, he said, motdied h U poatal hat pretty close. Taylor refused today to bit:- fere with the verdict by a Jun In U. district court ccnvicit Kt a Pocatello man of fraud. Pyle also reported Illerature hos been mailed to the North- west Travel auods Uon In large cities and to Chambers ot Cotn- mercc In Boise and Idaho Falls. a.'Neh-r was reelect^ ed chairmen ot Ihe board with Howard mil. State Patrolman Broy Hardln B spotted the stolen l OCO Valiant ROlnit west on Main street obout 25 minutes after NUrks reported the theft. Olenn Randall, tormer carilry trainer, will drlre Business Mirror Aw Cm Amaar «5i J C i'«n"r "S AT 4 ar H». The governor said savings PAP least 51,250,000 an- \jf\Jl Il Un OII nually to Idaho whe ■ I growers would result from rxt Ja\j XX\.^\j ■TJi W." Smylle snid. Tribal Officer Charlie Yellowjohn Identified the Wc Clm at Freda Broncho, about 3. Eichfield Lions Plan Work Day RICHPTELD, Juno 31-Rlch- fleld Lions club members planned a special work day nt the pork , next Tuesday at their dinner mec Un R held this Tuesday eve- Pred Ripley reported on the North Side Communities tour of the Sawtooth recreational area Irom Oalcnn summit to Alturas lake with 7S persons altendlns the dinner mee Uttut at Alturas lodse. But v Da was Immediately for Uicom- In K and she cooled her heels her Mcaeow hotel room. The group voted to hold monthly meeting on the third Tuesday of each month. Y, June 31— Mem- 1^ of th B Future Uvcstock 4-n club ftiui Tered roll call with how tbey wen ^ ^^'^ respec Uve jmjecta during their Tuesday - m Mtlnr. Qu Mtlons were asked jeftdo-, Balpb Scott, on c Upplng ■nd sliowt Dg ot llv Mtoek. Before the evening's end two other guests somehow also ended up taking a dip fully elothed- Mrs. Kennedy, and Presidential Assistant Arthur Bchleslnger. TRY TIMES-NEWS WANT ADS Cragmont Ganned Pop Fluffiest Marshmal Lows Party Pride Ice Cream Fonda Brand Pa per Plat es Half Gallon Jo^/jett JWnk 1^ Thursdoy, June 21, 1962 Twin Foils Times-News S Demo Candidates Split on Casino Gaming, Back Smith noi SF, June 21 TTO — Vernon' I'm c no c.itegorlc Al yes or no on K. ivhpihcr he's willing to compro- crotlc party doiicing his tune bmlmisp on the plotform. You'll find big buys on Cheese and Top Quality Ice Cream, tool Powder Room Brand — Save At Safeway iave / wice . He started laushlnt wbni a friend's balloon exp Mdad. but Mncc H' tnted Kllln E at midday, and ncii the close was enouih to puih YOlume Bharply ahead ot yu Ut- — day'Broker* nol«d that evcn-Uiousli ■loe U were In the rnnce whrrt liutllutloiu have heavily auppori- ed the marlcet earlier ihla year, buylns from theae aourcea aeemtd limited. Ak( deficit tlnanclnji a r^apccl Dot^ temi In a chanitln R world, lie hai n uphill tliiht on his hand^ Tomoal Amer leans B treasury' deficit Is a bad thing —unavoid- able In a. He points out that ury Burpiuscs aficr tlie war million dollan In the 1047 tisrai year, and BA billion - dollars In i Si S — didn't prevent a blccpurt In the cost of llvlnn. Tliat Is why Li- federal debt has risen to a record 13D0 bllllonr-And ■B-l2ih-deflclt— vir- tuous or not^eems likely In tbe t DS3 fiscal year startlns July 1. .a n former nmbnfsndor to nnlled Nntlnns nnd hli on the Old Virginia RICHMOND, Vs.. Twin Falls Markets Senate Favoring Irrigation Bill WASm NOTi DN, June 21 UTt- The senate irrlgutlon subcommit- tee has reported tavornbly on tlie Mann creek reclamation projpcl bill. 'is one ■\T m ^^ _ of the most slgnllicant bits of Votl H*^ ota X't S' '^"""'"'^ ^"^ Idaho Uils Abjcntee bnllo Ls for next TUes. Bltinni Y, June 21 in-A eow and a calf drowned Tuesday erenfflr when a flash tlooi, cased by • 'c Io Ddban C, swept down Rabbit - ereekvjicsr this son Uiweitcrn Idaho commanit)'. Twenty Richfield resi- dents attended, Includlns Lions riith prf.ildent- elect. Operation of the Outlaw day food booth was reported by Elp- ley showing a net profit ot ap- pr OKlmat»ly-»TS. ■■We are atlll hoplnu we may net the visas later today," iiald MUs Madeline's secretaiy, Lor- ottft Lee. We arc on a vacation and don': have *- be back at work until Sm- L' The delay save Miss Lalne a-chnncc to rcst up after a Heetlo v Ult to Lenlnsrad. He kept on Uiwbinf fo CMV- eral minutes until be falated. Doctor* omildaol rarm Uob— loum' ntouo TEO TTfff WTjy Jmw U-Jotan B. They lelt dlaappalntmcnt the lallure of the mar Kci to ilsc deiplle a record Increase Iti (tie ahort Interest over the past monlli had at lc:m tempomrlly curbed Institutional nppctl[«a'[or "baritaln" buyinit. Orthodox ;:onoinl Jla reply Ihnt these mr- pluses were chlckenfeed pared to the huqe Inflatl' the money supply during ibe war, the real culprit In the poil- ■ar rise In prices nnd wa([«. A man won the na- tlonsl flower arranglni com- petition. Americans have been brought up to compare tlio tre.isuiy defi- cit to one In the family budget vhen unpaid bills pile up in ex- cess of current Income, Wlien the creditors non't hold off any longer, tlie family borrow.i lo poy the bills— or yocs bankrupt. June 21 tlie nnbeuling spinster from Portsmouth, Va..

A flood of glftt from other ■ourccs enabled them to make the. "All the lessons that thli capital and this house m'l Rht have taught you. About 100 pro J fesalonai wrltera are altemjlnr' the-8e»alonrlhe-f|r(H-mf«t! Boots and Raws 1*1 Name of Club Boots nnd Bows -Flfly- flvc n. June 21-PUn B for a float to be entered In the Pio- neer day pmde July U at Hbb- erman were (IUc Uii«d-when Uie Ooo'dlnd Chamber of Commerce met Tuesday noon at the Lin- coln inn. Kimberly Scout Receives Duty To God Award KIMDKlt LY, June 31 — James R. Olsen Is busy this summer help- on the family farm and 'orkln B to fulfill the require- ments for encle Scout. Aher-Hputs Phone Numbers DICK di LLENWATER LEONARD FISCHER 733-1587 . OO witli th» oritt forxo balowl Onl; the finest frulta riponed In tb« nm ore oboloo onoush for Krait Jel Uea Bb Prtwerv M. A Rreni many looi U were down between one and two points. Universal Leaf and Consolidated Clsar In the tobsc^ coa, Norfolk and Wea Urn ant Kansas City Soulliern in tlic ralli. AI'Kr UIIT Cash i TWO OF THE r OUR-IIORSE tratiu trained In l Uly for the mntloo pictare. bulrh'n UM-lt Toti Uatar Gib DTKin Ct B U*e C«n Uaton J Thlliol Chrre Cc Ad Htli *T% Trmnii B Corp 111 Cwlinr Bl! i fli W(,t Bus IIU Un Carbid* 17 Gnrltoa Bd 13H Un Oil Cd K SO 1DU Inl Hir ISS Unl Air Uii ll •r t T'i Un! Orthodox economic doctrine L' snowr " ' " nimalaynn peak. the high tude vlllane of Namchc Barar In the region of Mt. Weather Beautiful * Final * Edition The Magic Valley Newspaper Dedicated to ^ervln K and ' I'nimrilini; lite Rniwtli of Ninc'lrri Ralcd Idalio Counties TU;i N FALLS, "i UAIl O, TIIUIISDAV, JUNE 21, 1902 Flight Engineers Wrect^S^ttle^ nines Are Confused WASHINGTON, June 21 (IP) — Agreement wns reached today lo head off. such mcrclal luck charms ore mode from the front foot, u the back one la usually too lorge to fit In the purse or pocket. You have a OS per cent chance of recovering a lo V or stolen motor car. adults lost an avcroge of US Ihrough shear care Jewneu. the ihreatened atriko of flight engineers oii Tnina World Aii-lincrf, but engineers i Syetl by Eaatern and Pan American uirlines rejected tlit tofni.i and threw situation Into new confuaion. only a 10 per cent chance of getting back lost cash. It was George Bernard Shaw rho observed, -A perpclual holl- ny Is a good working definition . s noi ii Ultt as harsh; It Is on thcie amendment.^ (lint Albert lil.i hope of attract. and clashed with forces, Tlie ac- count claimed el Rht of (he Cam- . A 7S-II0UIt SEAIt CH ended happily far Clifford Allalh ulio Is bclnc IXlcd from car by hla fnlher, Krnnrlh Allath. Two Ingtrn found the 7-year-nld boy after Ihc learch had been ilvtti up June 31 ITD —Slock prices went down and .stnyrd there for mo. ' Perhaps the mosl Important requirement 'for Incieosed busi- ness activity and sound economic growth Is a healthy climate. Tied for third, fourth and f Ui places were Mrs, Paul Thoirj; Mrs. mah support to h M U throiich, llicie amend- mcn[a strlp.i out Ihe bntic fun- dnmenta U of the bill, whleli an mandatory ai:rcn Ee reduction.! bodlans were killed and arms I sere aclied before (he attnekers : were beaten off. U ot the New York stock ex- change sc.-Lilon (odny, r U- . When optimism abounds, more people with money are eager to Invest In the future.

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