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Men actually DO want women with great conversational skills, because no matter how hard women may try to put their p*ssy on our pedestals, the most cherished commodity a woman has to a grown man is not her vagina – it’s her CHARACTER.Ladies, here’s the key: Most of you are NOT boring, but you just have a BORING-ASS representative that you send out on dates, or you engage in dates with dudes that you really aren’t even SLIGHTLY comfortable with, which prevents you from being the real you, and instead acting like some uninteresting douche.So, he needs a woman who is in good shape, is financially stable, laughs at all of his jokes, cooks him steak, can dress up or dress down, understands that he will do whatever he wants because he is a man, and he, in turn, will…not exercise, sleep with other women, blame her if she doesn’t find his jokes funny, let her pet his tortoise and perhaps allow her to sleep on his sweet futon. Clearly if he doesn’t sound appealing, it’s because you want a douchebag.i dont want a one night hook up (yes i am a man and have my need in that area but i am just that a man i can control my urges plus i desire intimacy over sex and no i am not soft )i am also a very nice guy who believe in being polite so if you receive a note from me thanking you for viewing my profile its just that a thank you note not a pick up alot of women on here need to check their attitudes all guy are not the same and if you keep running across creeps then look at yourself first it just might start there and finally yes i am a musician but i am not your typical one i know we have a bad rep but not all of us are womanizers so with all that being said if what i said offended you well…………are on the wrong page and you are still interested then read on ….I always hate having to put myself in a box but just for you guys Ill try it i am a laid back quiet kind of guy that enjoy the simple pleasures in life i have two beautiful kids that are my world and i love spending as much time with them as i can.

I’d like her to be athleticly shaped and into staying fit, maybe this means I’m shallow, but at least I’m honest about it. She has to understand that men do the things they do and say the things they say becasue they are men and not becasue they are douchbags, meaning I believe in a monogamous relationship and I practice it, but I am a man.

There is a prevalent ideology that is routinely overstated by comics and wannabe funny-dudes, that men only need women to cook, clean, blow us and shut, what is called, the F*^K up – and it’s complete bullsh*t.

I LOVE engaging in deep convo’s with a woman I find attractive – but I HATE being bombarded with 21 questions about how I ain’t sh*t for NOT taking the trash out last night as SOON as I get home from a 10 hour shift, before I even get a chance to take one cuff link out.

Though these women are annoying as hell, the reason men don’t cut them off completely and immediately depends on the variables of how good she looks and how fun the actual sex is.

But the point I’m trying to drive home here is one of the main reasons women end up in the land of the Jump-Offs is because men actually DO need to create a solid emotional connection with a woman through conversation.

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This means your "snapchat game" has got to be strong.

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They killed two Polish strikers, Jacob Kugawa and Henry Stiller, and wounded several others with bayonets.

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This was in 1499, it seems to have been painted about the year 1455 or even earlier, and it was restored or re-painted in the 19th Century , making it appear as it is at present. Mathew was destroyed and the Picture passed into oblivion till the year 1866 when it came into the hands of the Redemptorists at the express command of Pope Pius IX.

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I'm cute, fun to be wit & I'm looking for meet up any nice female here in Ph. Please all we should all do here is post your Sex, Age, location(PH only), Occupation(optional) and your prospective partner's specification and let's roll from there.unyours: Hello nairalanders, guys and ladies. 90Disclaimer: Every Nairaland member is solely responsible for anything that he/she posts or uploads on Nairaland.